looking north while parked at gate
looking south
looking south-west from road across gate
zoomed out
inside gate looking south - road other sid eof hedge
oskar and farmer pete.
bedroom 2, ground floor
above sitting room - could be play room, could be open vauled ceiling for sitting room
above sitting room - door no steps
from sitting room, view north on the west side of building
zoom out, plant in window with view above. Steps lead up past playroom atticy thing to corridor to rest of house
facing south west from steps to rest of house. Sitting room.
bedroom 3 with access to garden. Very sunny.
bathroom - sam says avocado suite - yuk.
plastic bath.... more yuk. Some mold on inside window sill
door at top of sitting room stairs that leads to second floor stairs. Door behind dash is to sitting room.
not quite completed upstairs
bedroom 4 upstairs. With split doors - like barn.
from bedroom 4 facing north - not completed.
room at end of attic.
room at end of attic facing south.
more above sitting room
sitting room fire place. Now looking south-east.
stairs from sitting room to corridor. Access to playroom above dashiell's head.
view down stairs to sitting room.
shower room. Seperate from bathroom, down corridor.
bedroom 2 again. v pink.
door detail, doors flimsy and handles not to Sam's taste.
Entrance lobby. Another door facing this one. Two doors into corridor and kitchen, plus another loo.
Corridor from dinning room down to bedrooms. at the end and to the left is shower, to the right is sitting room door and door to upstairs.
Kitchen fireplace and buldge. Door leads to dining room and corridor.
North facing view of kitchen to garden. To the right is pantry.
Entrance to kitchen from lobby. Second toilet to the right.
South east view of house from westerly stream border. Property line is half-way across stream ! I would own a stream!
Water pump to irrigate trees from 7000 gallon water tank
water tank
full of goldfish
House, i was facing north east, standing in the orchard of apple trees.
facing north
facing north east
facing east
facing east again
and again
detail of river
down to river half way down property line
along river facing south - zoomed in
facing south east walking down river fence towards house
looking north up river fence
looking south - up top of field
detail of river at top of property
top looking south
top copse
looking north towards top, road side of property
same further down
looking west at gate
looking north to gate from half way to house from gate
looking south to house from same position
dasiy from the gate.

Dasiy liked the garden but felt the rooms too small

Dash thought so too, but liked it. Still not keen to move.

Oskar liked it a lot but was worried about where the lego would go, in his or Dash's room?

Sam felt she did not love it. Feels that is important if moving to the country. I feel it is better than a caravan. I love it. But we will keep looking.

Loads to do to the place. Two years to conform to agricultural tie! Not imposed at sale time!