A half-finished game of pawns and queens with grandpa
and hugs
and cuddles
but the game will be completed across from another
the other the recipient of more joy than the moment
that more, being the grandpa in you.
A gift to others that never reduces
A gift because all games end
and though the players change
they all took part,
left part,
became part
and parted.

Trains to a station
Double 0 or mini guage
Child confussion.

Prams pushed in grand-parenthood
that a parent could not push
Not quite nappies
But the child understood

We’ll say no more.
No, not this time!
Let’s talk and talk and talk.
We’re going to the beach with grandpa
we’ll make castles, canals and pools.

And you’ll fall in love, again over a chess table
and prams and pawns and
Our turn.

Child confussion becomes childhood.
Grandpa understood.