21st Century Speakers Corners

for the Millenium Dome

In London the sun is going down, the evening is coming in, the lights coming on welcoming people to the theatre and you walk among a forest of totems.

You are walking among the "Speaker's Corners of the 21st Century", a forest of totems varying in height much as humans come in various heights.  At the head of each totem a screen, a pair of speakers and a microphone. Connected to each totem a link to another totem in another city somewhere else in the world.

Peering from the screens are faces and images from around the world from it's various time zones, voices that can hear and see you: from Piccadilly to Tienanmen Square, Times Square, Place de la Concorde, each linked to the other.

Look, in Sydney it's summer and the sun is coming up and people are making their way to work. In Chicago it's lunchtime and the wind is fierce.

Here in the UK we have a National Lottery run for luck, profit, charities and a millenium fund. The millenium fund will match resources for projects to celebrate the year 2000. The message of this 21st Century Speakers Corner is a simple one: we can talk to each other. For more of us each year this is a freedom enshrined in common laws or constitutions made ever more possible by technology and commerce.

I'd like to see these forests grow. We could walk through the images and sounds of a world talking in and of freedom.

Created by: Peter Bunyan [feedback!]
Thu 5th December, 1996